No More Sleep Creases

This beautiful flower is designed to catch and hold water
This beautiful flower is designed to catch and hold water


There’s nothing better than a restful night’s sleep.

You wake peacefully, stretch, thank the universe for this good day and pad off to the bathroom.  You perform your morning duties, then reach for the mirrored medicine cabinet door for the toothpaste, when suddenly – you see it.

A big jagged crease along one cheek.

Remember the days when your skin was young and elastic, when a crease in your face would disappear within minutes of getting out of bed?

Those days are gone.

Now you know that you’ll have to be looking at it for the next several hours.  As in, maybe after lunch you’ll no longer be able to see it so starkly.  Until then, that crease is just something you’re going to have to accept and try not to think about. Or obsess about.

I’ve read about lotions and serums you can put on your skin to tighten it and temporarily erase wrinkles.

I even tried one a few years ago under my eyes, where I have some fine lines and wrinkles.  According to the directions I had to be careful about putting makeup over the serum, otherwise I might undo the effects.  Unfortunately, I could see no effects at all. My fine lines and wrinkles were still there.

So I am skeptical of the effectiveness of putting an expensive serum over the huge mega wrinkle my pillowcase has produced on my face.  So what do you do?

 I’ve found that the best defense against these sleep creases is prevention.

How do you prevent them?  I’ve had success with a couple of solutions.

  • Use a satin pillowcase.

Non-cotton material is softer, and stays smooth throughout the night, even when you change positions in your sleep.  Smooth = no wrinkles.  Satin also has the benefit of feeling nice and cool.

  • Moisturize well before you go to bed.

Moisturized skin stays plump longer.  Dry skin is looser and lends itself to creasing more easily.

  • Sleep on your back.  No face on the pillowcase means no creases on the face.

I’ve been unable to put this one into practice personally.  For one thing, I’ve been sleeping on my side ever since I could remember.  Some habits are hard to break.  And my dear husband has let on casually, then very pointedly, that I snore (more) when I sleep on my back.  So there’s that.

 But what about the days when you DO have a sleep crease – what do you do?

I’ve had pretty good success with a warm, wet washcloth pressed gently to the cheek for a few minutes.  As the washcloth cools, re-wet with more warm water and reapply, being careful not to press so hard that your skin takes on the texture of the washcloth!  Gradually you’ll see the crease lessen as the skin is re-hydrated.

Be very gentle with the water temperature if you have rosacea – don’t make the washcloth too warm!

I don’t mind wrinkles and lines, they’re just part of a life well lived.

 But I say ‘no, thank you’ to sleep creases!

What about you?  What secrets do you have for dealing with sleep creases?  Share in the comments below!


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