How Old Do You Feel?

Some days you feel aged, and others you feel youthful. Why the difference?  This feeling can change over the course of less than a week – though you’re basically the same calendar age on both days.  Nothing monumental has happened between the two days – current events are the same, your health is the same… Continue Reading

When does a routine become a rut?

Healthy routines are good. They keep you moving through your day without having to think about every little thing you need and want to do. You exercise, eat your breakfast, brush your teeth, shower, and start the day strong.  Somewhere in there you might do your daily meditation or prayer practice.  You check your planner… Continue Reading

Color or Go Gray?

Whether to color your gray hair or not isn’t a simple matter. Going gray is synonymous with age, as in growing old.  Unless you began to gray when you were in your teens or twenties, gray hair often doesn’t appear until your late 30’s or 40’s.  How you feel about this tell tale sign of… Continue Reading

Is “Anti-Aging” a Good Thing?

  Advertisements for skin care in magazines, the internet and on television almost universally use the term “anti-aging.”  Cosmetics and cosmetic procedures promise to: Erase wrinkles Restore youthful glow Reverse the effects of gravity Take 10 years off your face You musn’t look like you’re aging, because aging is seen as something bad.  These are terms… Continue Reading

Goodbye, Clutter!

  Where’s your clutter problem area? You can tell a lot about a family by the clutter in their homes.  Families with small children (or frequently visiting grandchildren) often have a wealth of stuff in their homes piled around: Toys Car seats Play gyms Piles of small clothing to pass on Families with older children or… Continue Reading

Your Journey is Your Own to Create

You can look at life as a journey. You can’t see the end, but you have an idea that there will be stopping points along the road where you plan to stay a while.  Maybe those stopping points have names like: Vacationing in Hawaii Writing a book Building a successful business Having a family You… Continue Reading

What Are You Waiting For?

  It seems like every other day you read a news article about another celebrity or musician who has died, someone you ‘grew up with,’ someone you identified with on one level or another.  Glen Frey of The Eagles, comedian Gary Shandling, music icons David Bowie and Prince, actress Anna Pearce (Patty Duke).  So many talented… Continue Reading

Saying What’s True

Small children say whatever they’re thinking. “She has a big butt!” (at the grocery store) “I already have this toy.”  (opening his birthday gift from Gramma) “I wish Daddy was here and not you, Mommy”  (at the movie theater while Daddy is watching baby sister) It’s kind of wonderful if you think about it.  Here,… Continue Reading

When You Don’t Feel Like Doing Something

I have a running list of tasks and projects. Some I want to do, and others I just don’t want to do. I’ll bet you do, too. There are a variety of reasons to not want to do them. Can you relate to any of these? You’re afraid they’ll be difficult They’re not fun to… Continue Reading

Beyond the To Do List Pt. 2 – Goals and Objectives

In the last post you decided what your Top Five Priorities were. Now that you know what is most important to you – your Top Five categories – you’re ready to plan for the week. I recommend planning by the week for an overall picture, and planning each day the night before, for specifics. The… Continue Reading