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Everything would be better if you were in charge.


I bet you or someone you know spoke that very sentence at least once this week.

But how could you be in charge?

Let’s be honest:

  • You can’t make people be the way you want or do the things you want them to
  • You can teach them, but they may choose not to do what you say
The only way you can make the world a better place is by changing yourself.

YOU are the only one you have power over. 

You don’t even have power over a two-year-old.
Have you ever gotten into a power struggle with a two-year-old?
They win.  Every time.

Do you believe people are too critical and judgmental of others?

How can you be less critical and judgmental of YOURSELF? Be kind to yourself when you make a mistake.  The kinder you are with your mistakes and flaws the kinder you will be with others.

Do you believe everyone should be listened to and heard?

How can you honor YOUR ideas, thoughts and feelings better? Give yourself time and quiet enough to hear your thoughts and feel your feelings.  When you know where you stand and how you feel, you’re more able to listen to what others think and feel.

You can make a difference.

Each time you make a choice to be loving toward yourself, you allow yourself to become more loving to someone else.

And that’s a moment when you change everything.

Like the theoretical butterfly that flaps its wings and affects the development of a hurricane weeks later,

Who you are and what you do have effects far greater than you can imagine.

You do change the world.

I invite you to join me on a journey of discovery where you can learn how to make changes in the world by being exactly who you are.

During this journey we will have something different to think about and take action on right away!  

Every other day you’ll receive a prompt in your inbox with something you can think about or do that could change the world, and will definitely change you.

Ready to change YOUR world?

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Be the Change You Want to See in the World.

Mohandas Gandhi


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