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Looking for Wisdom brings you the world’s philosophy!

Our website

We publish articles on some of history’s most profound thinkers, drawing on traditions from across the world: from China to Mesoamerica, and from Africa to Europe.

Our newsletter

We also send out an irregular newsletter with updates about what’s new on the website, book recommendations, links to interesting things elsewhere, and all kinds of other philosophical goodness.

Our projects

We also run philosophy projects, exploring how the riches of the world’s philosophical traditions can throw light on our present-day lives. We have worked everywhere from China to Myanmar, and from Bulgaria to the UK. We also love collaborating, so get in touch if you want to work with us.

Who’s behind Looking for Wisdom?

Looking for Wisdom is run by Wind&Bones Community Interest Company, a non-profit social enterprise based in the UK. Wind&Bones explores how creative thinking and creative writing can be used to bring about positive social change.

The site is edited and curated by Dr Will Buckingham. Will has a PhD in philosophy and an MA in anthropology. He has written both academic and popular philosophy and has been translated into multiple languages. His most recent book is Hello, Stranger: Stories of Connection in a Divided World (Granta 2021/2022). He also contributed to the global bestseller (7 million copies sold!), The Philosophy Book. Will has taught philosophy for almost two decades, both in universities and in the community, and believes that philosophy is too important and too urgent to be left to academics. Find out more on Will’s website.

Dr Hannah Stevens is in charge of the site’s social media, making sure that the philosophy is comprehensible and practical, and cooking up fun projects and plans for how to put all that thinking to work. Hannah has a PhD in creative writing, and writes mainly fiction. She has worked in universities in Myanmar, Bulgaria, and the UK, and believes that creative thinking can transform the world. Her book, In Their Absence, was published in 2021. Find out more on Hannah’s website.

Here we are with Margaret, our intern cat. Margaret’s role at the Looking for Wisdom HQ was mainly being a cat.

imgMargaret, Hannah and Will. Copyright Will Buckingham.