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"Love and Understanding": The tangle of love and wisdom (Season 02:7)

Philosopher File: Gautama Buddha

“Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?” Love, trust and the future (Season 02:6)

Philosopher File: Diogenes the Cynic

A bit of light construction work...

Love Lifts Us Up Where We Belong? Love, transcendence and madness (Season 02:5)

7 Ways of Reading Philosophy: #2 Reading haphazardly

How to read philosophy, and other conundrums. Subscriber Newsletter #07

You Sexy Thing: Getting philosophical about sex (Season 02:4)

7 Ways of Reading Philosophy: #1 Reading Like Napoleon

Philosopher File: Laozi

Something So Right: Love and Justice (Season 02:3)

7 Ways of Reading Philosophy: An Introduction

Philosopher File: Alcmaeon of Croton

We All Stand Together: Love, connection and community (Season 02:2)

Philosopher File: Alexus McLeod on Maya Philosophy

Let's Do It: The Philosophy of Love (Season 02:1)

Subscriber Newsletter #06

Philosopher File: Sunzi

Weaving the Net of Argument

Giving up on Philosophy? The Science of Wisdom (Season 01:7)

Philosopher File: Empedocles

The Opposite of Wisdom: A Fool's Philosophy (Season 01:6)

Philosopher File: Deng Xi

Nurturing the Sprouts of Wisdom (Season 01:5)

Subscriber Newsletter #05

That Gut Feeling: Wisdom and the body (Season 01:4)

Philosopher File: Anaxagoras

The Limits of Wisdom (Season 01:3)

Philosopher File: Anna Ezekiel on Karoline von Günderrode

Navigating Wisdom with Aristotle (Season 01:2)

Philosopher File: Xenophanes

What is Wisdom? (Season 01:1)

Subscriber Newsletter #04

Philosopher File: Jing Jiang

Philosopher File: Parmenides

Philosopher File: Yājñavalkya

Subscriber Newsletter #03

Philosopher File: Anaximander

Plato: Organist to the Beasts

Philosopher File: Gārgī Vācaknavī

Subscriber Newsletter #02

On the Virtues of Cats

Philosopher File: Guan Zhong

Subscriber Newsletter #01

Philosopher File: Pythagoras

Close to take-off...

Philosopher File: Heraclitus

Philosopher File: Ptahhotep

Philosopher File: Aspasia

Philosopher File: Diotima

Philosopher File: Confucius

Philosopher File: Thales of Miletus

Philosopher File: Socrates

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