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The Swoop and Surge of Life: Lucretius on Ethics in Motion

7 Ways of Reading Philosophy #5: Reading While Drunk

Lucretius on Chance, Necessity and Free Will

Combat, Play and Aesthetic Experience: Three Metaphors of Philosophy

Advice for Rulers, Charioteers and Cyclists: the Huainanzi

Knowing, Doing, and Doubting: Nyāya Philosophy

Constellations of Thought: God, Death, and Other Non-Problems

Dong Zhongshu's Tales of the Unexpected

Kaṇāda's Search for a Soul Without Qualities

7 Ways of Reading Philosophy : #4 Reading Out Loud

Learning to Play the Piano With Ptolemaïs of Cyrene

The Charisma of No-Charisma: Han Fei, Law, and the Art of Politics

Renegade Philosophers, and the Art of Changing Your Mind

Zou Yan, Yin and Yang, and the Nature of Change

Sounds Plausible? The Philosophy of Carneades

Justifying Ritual with Jaimini

Desmond Tutu, Ubuntu and the Possibility of Hope

Andy West on Philosophy, Prison, Freedom and Shame

Getting Smart About Pleasure: The Philosophy of Epicurus

The Tastiness of the Gift

The Philosophy of Giving

Chrysippus on How to Manage Our Emotions

Ritual Shapes the World

It's a Kind of Magic: The Philosophy of Ritual

Pyrrho and the Trouble with Ethics

Hipparchia: Philosophy as Comedy

Zeno of Citium and the Challenge of Living Naturally

Not the Mystical East: India's Long Tradition of Materialism

Sophie Grace Chappell on Plato and the Moral Imagination

Aristotle on Flourishing

Aristotle on Ways of Knowing

Hui Shi and the Power of Analogy

Plato's Theory of Forms

Xunzi on Crafting Ourselves

Aztec Philosophy and the Slipperiness of the World

Free and Easy Rambling With Zhuangzi

Arete of Cyrene and the Smooth Motion of the Flesh

The Future of Work (Work #7)

Mencius and the Sprouts of Virtue

The Opposite of Work Part 2: Philosophy and Play (Work #6)

Plato's Cave, and Escaping the Prison of Ignorance

The Opposite of Work? All About Idleness (Work #5)

Spiritual Damage: How Work is Bad for Us (Work #4)

Zeno of Elea on Why Change is an Illusion

7 Ways of Reading Philosophy: #3 Reading self-interestedly

The Goodness of Work: Virtue, work, and salvation (Work #3)

Maya Philosophy, and How to Give Shape to Time

The Life of Activity: Work, Labour and Action (Work #2)

Mozi and the Challenge of Universal Love

Working it Out: The Philosophy of Work (Work #1)

Democritus and Reasons to be Cheerful

Yang Zhu on How to Keep Our Nature Intact

"Love and Understanding": The tangle of love and wisdom (Love #7)

Gautama Buddha and the Turn Toward Experience

“Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?” Love, trust and the future (Love #6)

Living the Life of a Dog with Diogenes the Cynic

Love Lifts Us Up Where We Belong? Love, transcendence and madness (Love #5)

7 Ways of Reading Philosophy: #2 Reading haphazardly

You Sexy Thing: Getting philosophical about sex (Love #4)

7 Ways of Reading Philosophy: #1 Reading Like Napoleon

Finding Our Way With Laozi

Something So Right: Love and Justice (Love #3)

7 Ways of Reading Philosophy: An Introduction

Alcmaeon of Croton, the First Philosopher of Medicine

We All Stand Together: Love, connection and community (Love #2)

Alexus McLeod on Maya Philosophy

Let's Do It: The Philosophy of Love (Love #1)

Sunzi's Way of Deceit

Weaving the Net of Argument

Giving up on Philosophy? The Science of Wisdom (Wisdom #7)

Empedocles on Love and Strife

The Opposite of Wisdom: A Fool's Philosophy (Wisdom #6)

Deng Xi, the Philosopher Who Argued From Both Sides

Nurturing the Sprouts of Wisdom (Wisdom #5)

That Gut Feeling: Wisdom and the body (Wisdom #4)

Anaxagoras on the Gunkiness of Reality

The Limits of Wisdom (Wisdom #3)

Anna Ezekiel on Günderrode, Identity and Doing Philosophy Differently

Navigating Wisdom with Aristotle (Wisdom #2)

Xenophanes on Gods and Horses

What is Wisdom? (Wisdom #1)

Jing Jiang on Politics, Gender and Weaving

Parmenides on Truth and Opinion

Yājñavalkya and the Immortal Self

Anaximander and the Boundlessly Creative Universe

Plato: Organist to the Beasts

Gārgī Vācaknavī, the Eloquent Philosopher

On the Virtues of Cats

Guan Zhong the Reformer

The Secret Teachings of Pythagoras

Fire and Flow: the Philosophy of Heraclitus

Ptahhotep and the Emeralds of Wisdom

Aspasia, the Philosopher Who Taught Socrates Rhetoric

Diotima Climbs the Ladder of Love

Cultivating Ritual with Confucius

Thales of Miletus on Appearance and Reality

Socrates, Philosophical Trouble-Maker

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