Season's Greetings from Looking for Wisdom

Will Buckingham
Will Buckingham
Season's Greetings from Looking for Wisdom
Julaftonen by Carl Larsson (1904). Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.

Happy Christmas 2021 from us at Looking for Wisdom

A Year of Looking for Wisdom

We officially launched Looking for Wisdom in January this year, after several months of behind-the-scenes plotting and scheming. And the time has gone past astonishingly fast.

Since Looking for Wisdom was born, we've published 52 Philosopher Files, featuring philosophers from all over the world, past and present. We've also run three short online courses, taking a sideways philosophical glance at the topics of wisdom, work and love. And we've got up and running with our regular monthly Sunday Salon series, where we've had participants from across the globe, getting together to chat through philosophical themes in a friendly, supportive atmosphere (to find out more about how to join our community, click here).

We've also been working on all kinds of other projects that are, in one way or another, all related to what we're doing at Looking for Wisdom. As longer-term visitors to Looking for Wisdom will know, both of us have spent a considerable amount of time working on projects in Myanmar, and so we've been much preoccupied with the military coup and the ongoing violence and chaos brought about by the brutality of the military regime.

Since the coup, we've been stepping up our work with Myanmar-based projects, in both philosophy and creative writing. As part of this, we've been working on developing philosophy courses for Parami University, and also for the Chinbridge Institute community education project in Chin state. There's a lot of cross-over between these projects and Looking for Wisdom: ideas that we explore here on Looking for Wisdom filter into the courses we are developing for students in Myanmar, and vice versa.

We've always wanted Looking for Wisdom to be more than an online resource and community. We are interested in branching out into running small-scale educational projects, if possible face-to-face, working where we can be most useful, making philosophy more widely available. We've got some more plans in the works for 2022, so we'll keep you all updated. And if you have any ideas for things you'd like to see us doing, let us know.

Books, books, books

It's also been a busy year for writing. Will's book, Hello, Stranger: How We Find Connection in a Disconnected World was published in the summer by Granta and was serialised on Radio4's Book of the Week. The book crosses between philosophy, anthropology, myth, history and storytelling to explore the roles that strangers play in our lives, and to ask how we can find better ways of living alongside strangers. If you want to grab yourself a copy for some holiday-season reading, or as a last-minute present, click the button below (UK only, for the US, you'll need to try Amazon)

And if short stories are your thing, you should get yourself a copy of In Their Absence, also published in the last year, and written by Looking for Wisdom's Dr Hannah Stevens. It's a collection of heart-rending stories about missing people and broken lives.

We're Moving to Scotland!

In other news, in January 2022, Omicron permitting, we're moving our headquarters north to Dundee, Scotland. After more than two years in Sofia, Bulgaria, we're heading for new pastures. We're going to keep on working on fun projects here in Sofia (we've just pitched a philosophy workshop for refugee communities, which we're hoping to run in Bulgaria next year) and internationally, but we're also going to be doing more in the UK.

So if you are in Scotland, give us a shout, particularly if you have any ideas for collaborations. We've got all kinds of exciting plans for our return: new connections, new projects and new ideas.

While we sort out relocating, we're taking a short break to give us time to pack up boxes of books, juggle with logistics, and generally get our act together. We'll be back in action in January 2022 for another year of philosophical shenanigans, weekly Philosopher Files, Sunday Salons, projects and more.

If you are celebrating, have a wonderful Christmas. Stay safe and well, and if you want to get in touch to say hello, as usual, you can just hit "reply" to this email. We'll see you in the New Year,

All the best,

Will & Hannah
Dr Will Buckingham & Dr Hannah Stevens

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