A bit of light construction work...

Will Buckingham
Will Buckingham
A bit of light construction work...

Looking for Wisdom has been updated behind the scenes, to ensure its smooth running over the coming months and years!

Things have been a bit glitchy and quirky over here on Looking for Wisdom over the past couple of days. This is mainly because I've been doing a bit of light construction work behind the scenes.

When I started this site six months ago, it was an experiment, and so was pretty home-spun. But with the increase in the size of the site, and the appearance of lots of subscribers (it's great to have you joining us!), I was finding that I was spending increasing amounts of time attending to technical issues, and not enough time thinking about philosophy.

So I've now taken the opportunity to put things on a firmer foundation, moving my installation over to be managed by Ghost, the folks who make the software that runs this site. This should make sure that Looking for Wisdom will continue to grow and develop smoothly over the coming months and years, without too many technical issues getting in the way.

My apologies if you've had any problems getting access to the site over the last day or so, and thanks for bearing with me. There are still a couple of minor issues to iron out, but things are more or less fully up and running. From here onwards, things should be much smoother.

And this means that I (and you too) can focus more on what really matters: the philosophy. So I'm very much looking forward to tomorrow's Philosopher File, where we're talking about one of Ancient Greece's most unconventional philosophers.

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