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Looking for Wisdom
Looking for Wisdom
Looking for Wisdom?

Welcome to LookingForWisdom.com, a resource bringing together some of history's richest and most fascinating thinkers. This site is run by me, Dr. Will Buckingham, a philosopher and writer originally from the UK, but now often found elsewhere in the world.

What is Looking for Wisdom?

I set up Looking for Wisdom because I believe  the global traditions of philosophy provide a rich resource for rethinking and reimagining what human life is, and what it can be. Philosophy, the love of wisdom, is not an academic pursuit. It is not something just for tenured professors. Instead, this search for wiser, better ways of living is something common to all of us.

The aim of Looking for Wisdom is to provide a way into these rich, fascinating traditions, so that we can find new ways of living, and new responses to the challenges that face us, both individually and collectively.

What's on the site?

Looking for Wisdom provides:

  • Regular philosophy courses for members delivered to your email inbox.
  • Philosopher Files: a growing database of information about the world's greatest philosophers.
  • A friendly membership community of like-minded (and unlike-minded — this is philosophy after all!) people.
  • Guided and moderated discussions about philosophy from Dr. Will Buckingham.

When are you launching?

Image of france in the year 2000, from the 19th century.
Launch Ahoy! From France in 2000 year (XXI century), courtesy Wikimedia Commons.

We're just getting things in order here, so for the next couple of months until our official launch on 1st January 2021, things may be a bit chaotic. But feel free to have a look around: just make sure you are wearing a hard hat. Things may break. You may fall down holes on the website and come up against 404 errors. You may stumble over inaccuracies, errors or typos.

Once launched, there will be two tiers. Subscribers have access to philosophy files, and occasional newsletter updates for free. Members have access to all the site content, and full access to courses by email.

If you want to keep in touch, subscribe to the newsletter. The member features are not being launched until 2021, so unless you are a very kind soul and want to support the pre-launch development, you don't need to worry about signing up for a membership plan just yet!

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