Oh, look! It's a bug!

Will Buckingham
Will Buckingham
Oh, look! It's a bug!

My apologies to those of you who were hoping for your first Looking for Wisdom email this morning, all about Pythagoras. Everything was going fine until — full of excitement — I clicked 'send email...' And then up popped an unexpected error message.

I'm currently chatting to the people at Mailgun, my email sending service, to get this resolved. It shouldn't be long before things are properly back in action, and the newsletter is flying your way.

Email sending update (Saturday 14 November): After our Friday 13th email glitch, emails are now sending as normal! Thanks for your patience. Now that I've resolved the issues with Mailgun, things should run fine! Expect your next Philosophy File on Thursday.
Quick update (Friday 13 November): Mailgun are doing their best to resolve this, and I expect things to be back in action by the weekend at the latest. When they are, I'll send out the Philosopher File on Pythagoras.

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