Subscriber Newsletter #01

Will Buckingham
Will Buckingham
Subscriber Newsletter #01

News from the Looking for Wisdom HQ. What's happening, what's coming up, and what I'm up to.


Thank you for signing up to Looking for Wisdom. The site is officially one week old, and it is great to see so many people joining already!

You should have received the first Philosopher File (on Pythagoras) last Saturday (in fact, you should have received it on Thursday, but there was a glitch — now resolved — with Mailgun who send the emails on my behalf). From now on, you'll be getting your regular Philosopher File every Thursday.

What's coming up?

Over the last week, I've been devising a schedule of fun, interesting and intriguing philosophy for the coming six months. I'm very excited by what's coming up.

I don't want to spoil the surprise, but there are loads of good things in the pipeline: wandering philosopher-bards in Ancient Greece, tricky debates about the soul in ancient India, a Mesoamerican interlude, and some thoughts about weaving, philosophy and politics from Ancient China. And it's China where we'll be going this coming Thursday, with one of the earliest named Chinese philosophers.

I'm also working on my first Looking for Wisdom philosophy course, which launches on January 4th 2021, asking What is wisdom? More news about this soon!

Start your week with some philosophy!

If you fancy starting your week with some philosophy, There's a bunch of stuff already online to explore.

  • Read about Diotima and Aspasia, the two women philosophers who influenced Socrates (some scholars have suggested they are one and the same, Diotima being a fictionalized version of Aspasia — although I'm not entirely convinced.)
  • Find out about the beginnings of philosophy in Africa, four and a half thousand years ago.
  • Get your head round the Presocratic philosophers Heraclitus, Thales and Pythagoras. The Presocratic philosophers are a fascinating bunch, and there are more to come in the coming weeks.
  • And explore the relentlessly social vision of Confucius.

I've also added some FAQs and Privacy info to the site, where you can find out about how Looking for Wisdom works. And you can read my short blog post about the approach I'm going to be taking with the site, and how I'm aiming to push against some blind-spots in the philosophical tradition, particularly when it comes to questions of gender and ethnocentrism.

Share this email!

Finally, I'd love to see Looking for Wisdom grow. So share this email with friends who might be interested. Give me a shout-out on Twitter (where I'm @willbuckingham). Share, retweet and repost any articles you find interesting. And let your friends and social media followers know about the site.

Get in touch

You can always contact me by emailing I'll reply to all emails that I receive. It's early days here on Looking for Wisdom, and I'd love to have your thoughts and ideas about how I could develop the project further.

Happy philosophising, and thanks for joining me on this philosophical adventure,

All the best,

Dr. Will Buckingham

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