Subscriber Newsletter #02

Will Buckingham
Will Buckingham
Subscriber Newsletter #02
Image: Maler der Geschichte von Bayâd und Riyâd, 13th Century. Wikimedia Commons.

The second Looking for Wisdom newsletter. With a new employee, some thoughts on Confucian cats, and other news.

Hello again, Philosophers!

It's time for an update from the Looking for Wisdom HQ, particularly as we have a new member of staff here — Aslan the foster-cat, who is now assisting around the place in all kinds of ways. Here he is, exemplifying the wonder that, according to Aristotle, is the beginning of philosophy.

Picture of Aslan the foster cat.
Aslan the foster-cat, and part-time philosophical advisor. Photo © Will Buckingham

Cats and Chinese philosophers

To celebrate the fact that Looking for Wisdom has a new employee, I have just published a piece on cats, Chinese philosophers and John Gray's new (and very entertaining) book Feline Philosophy. Here's the link to the essay:

On the Virtues of Cats
John Gray’s Feline Philosophy, Daoism and a medieval Chinese debate on the virtues of cats.

If you visit the site, you'll also see that there's now a new blog section, where I'm going to post essays and other occasional pieces.

Twitter and Medium

In other news, I've just set up a Looking for Wisdom Twitter account. You can find me at @wiselooking (

Looking for Wisdom is also now mirrored over on Medium, so if you are on Medium, you can follow me over there.

Looking for Wisdom – Medium
Philosophy for the perplexed: the greatest philosophers and the most intriguing philosophies from across the world.

Philosopher files

Finally, if you've not yet had a poke around through the site, there are now nine Philosopher Files published, with the next coming on Thursday this week. For the coming twelve months, I've scheduled a great list of philosophers from across the ancient world, from a whole range of philosophical traditions. This means there's a lot more to come.

That's about it for this time! Keep philosophising, and get in touch if you want to say hello ( And if you're enjoying Looking for Wisdom, tell your philosophically-minded friends, encourage them to sign up, tweet about the project, and help get the word out.

With all best wishes,

Dr. Will Buckingham

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