Subscriber Newsletter #06

Will Buckingham
Will Buckingham
Subscriber Newsletter #06

The March newsletter for Looking for Wisdom Subscribers. In this issue: Mesoamerican philosophy; women weaving arguments in the ancient world; and the many philosophies of happiness.

Hello, Philosophers! It's almost spring here in Bulgaria, the sun is shining and Baba Marta, or Grandma March, is just about to see off the last of winter. So it looks like it's time for the March edition of the Looking for Wisdom newsletter.

This month, we've got all the following:

  • News of our upcoming course on the philosophy of love.
  • Mesoamerican traditions of philosophy
  • Three women in the ancient world, and the art of weaving arguments.
  • And a piece on the many kinds of philosophical happiness

So let's get cracking! As always, if you want to say hello, just drop me a line! I love hearing from people.

Love and philosophy

Folio from a Khamsa (Quintet) of Amir Khusraw Dihlavi; Majnun throwing himself onto Layla's grave. c. 1450. Public Domain via Wikimedia commons.

We've just got to the end of season one of our Looking for Wisdom philosophy courses, where we've been taking a global look at wisdom, what it is and why it matters. It's been a hugely enjoyable journey, and we're now gearing up for our next course, where we're talking about love.

Season two begins on the 1st March. For seven weeks, we're going to be exploring philosophers and philosophies from across the world, asking about one of humankind's greatest and most perplexing preoccupations.

The first class will go out to all subscribers (that means you!) on the 1st March. After that, if you want to continue studying and  join our discussion on the Agora, our friendly discussion forum, then you'll need to sign up as a member, using the link below.

Become a member to join our regular philosophy by email courses, and participate in guided discussions in the Looking for Wisdom Agora. Or sign up as a subscriber for free weekly Philosopher Files.

Next week: Maya philosophies of time and identity

Keep your eyes peeled this time next week for our extended interview with the brilliant Alexus McLeod, on the riches of Maya philosophy. The interview will go out as a Philosopher File on the 4th March.

To whet your appetite, have a look at this APA blog post on the renaissance in Mesoamerican philosophy.

The Mesoamerican Philosophy Renaissance
500 years after the conquistadors began burning books written by the original philosophers of Mexico and Guatemala, America’s classical thinking now rise like a phoenix from the ashes. Nahua and Maya philosophy hand us a mirror for our era. On October 1st, the renowned emeritus professor Miguel León…

Blogs and articles

Weaving the net: Three Radical Women Philosophers

In case you missed this one on the Looking for Wisdom blog, here's a piece on three women philosophers from the ancient world—Gārgī Vācaknavī, Jing Jiang and Hipparchia—and the relationship between weaving and philosophy.

Weaving the Net of Argument: Three Radical Women Philosophers
Three stories of women philosophers in the ancient world weaving arguments to challenge their male contemporaries. Gārgī Vācaknavī in India, Hipparchia in Greece, and Jing Jiang in China.

Happiness and Philosophy

And here's a piece that I wrote for Curious magazine. It's about the different philosophical approaches there are to questions of happiness and the good life.

Happiness Is Not a Mountain. It Is a Landscape.
These can seem compelling questions. Sometimes it seems as if happiness is a towering mountain peak, and we are standing in the foothills, wondering how to begin the ascent. We are restless…

That's all for this time around! As always, get in touch if you want to say hello. And keep philosophising,

All the best,


Dr Will Buckingham, Looking for Wisdom.

Image: The Workshop, by Carl Larsson. Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.

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