How to read philosophy, and other conundrums. Subscriber Newsletter #07

Will Buckingham
Will Buckingham
How to read philosophy, and other conundrums. Subscriber Newsletter #07

Our latest newsletter. Tips on how to read philosophy, reflections on time and identity from Mesoamerica, and all about love.

Hello, philosophers! Welcome to the newsletter for March/April 2021. It's great to have so many new sign-ups over the past couple of weeks. So welcome on board to all the new members.

In this newsletter, we've got some tips on how to read philosophy, a link to our interview with the brilliant Alexus McLeod on Maya philosophy, some thoughts on love, and a couple of links to things elsewhere, including Helen De Cruz's brilliant Doing Things With Philosophy blog.

Happy reading!

What's New on Looking for Wisdom

Philosopher File Interviews

This month, we have a fabulous, extended interview with the brilliant Alexus McLeod, who is talking about Maya philosophy, and what it means to do philosophy globally.

Alexus McLeod on Maya Philosophy
Questions of time, ritual and identity lie at the heart of Maya philosophical traditions. Find out more in our fascinating interview with Alexus McLeod.

How to read philosophy

I'm slowly developing a series on how to read philosophy. These will be coming out something between weekly and fortnightly. You can read the first two below. The first is an introduction to how to read philosophy differently. And the second draws on the philosopher Franz Rosenzweig to explore how to read philosophy Napoleonically (if that's your kind of thing!).

7 Ways of Reading Philosophy: An Introduction
There are many ways you can read a philosophy book. In this first in a series of blog posts, I’m going to explore what it means to read philosophy differently.
7 Ways of Reading Philosophy: #1 Reading Like Napoleon
Often the advice is that we should read philosophy slowly and carefully. But there’s a lot to be said for reading at a gallop.

We're in the mood for love...

Our members-only course on love is in full swing. If you want to see what we've been up to, the first two classes are accessible to everyone. I'm particularly excited by the second one, which draws on indigenous Amazonian philosophy to explore what it means to live and love in community.

We've also just published lessons on love and justice and the philosophy of sex. If you are not a member, you can upgrade by going here.

Let’s Do It: The Philosophy of Love (Season 02:1)
Welcome to the first lesson in our Season 2 series, taking a global perspective on the philosophy of love.
We All Stand Together: Love, connection and community
In this week’s class, we are exploring Amazonian social philosophies of love and community, and how for social primates, community is fundamental to how we live and love.

Site updates

I've been busy with site updates behind the scenes, so apologies if there has been a bit of down-time over the past week or so. Now things should be back to normal!

Elsewhere Online

It's worth checking out the Doing Things With Philosophy blog by Helen de Cruz, who is Danforth Chair of Philosophy at Saint Louis University. It's a series of profiles of philosophers working outside the usual confines of the academic world. The most recent interview is with me, but there's lots of other fascinating stuff too.

Doing Things with Philosophy - beyond academia
A blog by Helen De Cruz. Profiles of people with philosophy degrees at work outside academia

And finally, here's a nice blog from OUP about women in philosophy, from Diotima and Macrina the Younger to the brilliant Carrie Jenkins, who we're talking about in our course on the philosophy of love.

How women have shaped philosophy: nine female philosophers our authors admire | OUPblog
When asked to name a philosopher, it is more than likely that many of the major thinkers that spring to mind will be male. There is a long and rich tradition of female thinkers who have made important contributions to philosophy, and whose works merit further recognition. To celebrate Women’s Histor…

Looking for Wisdom on Social Media

I'm on Twitter, so do follow me over there. Looking for Wisdom has a Twitter account (although it is less active than my personal one) and is also on Facebook. Do also follow me on Medium if that's your kind of thing.

That's all for this month. Coming up next month, we have another Philosopher File interview, the low-down on Cynics in ancient Greece and hedonists in ancient China, Plato's cave, more thoughts on how to read philosophy, and lots more!

Stay tuned.

All the best, Will

Dr Will Buckingham.

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