In Scotland, Getting Social, and How to Be an Owl: Subscriber Newsletter #16

Will Buckingham
Will Buckingham
In Scotland, Getting Social, and How to Be an Owl: Subscriber Newsletter #16
From John Gould, HC Richter, The Birds of Asia. Mid 1800s. Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.

Big news at Looking for Wisdom! We're now based in Dundee. And everything we do is free!

Hello, philosophers!

It's been a month of big changes here at Looking for Wisdom. So here's what's been happening.

We're Now Based in Dundee!

The biggest news is that a couple of weeks back, we relocated from Sofia, Bulgaria, to Dundee in Scotland. It's been something of a logistical challenge to move everything from Bulgaria: not only ourselves, but our books, our favourite coffee pots, and sundry other philosophical essentials. But now we're more or less settled, and we're delighted to be in Scotland.

Dundee is close to our hearts, not least because it is the home of The Beano, the anarchic children's comic which we count among our formative philosphical influences.

A New Looking for Wisdom Group

Next in big news is that we've set up a new Looking for Wisdom group on Facebook. This is a private group for subscribers to Looking for Wisdom. So you need to be a subscriber to join (which means that if you have received this as an email, you're all ready to go). You can join by clicking the button below.

There will be a few friendly questions to get you set up, and then you're in! The group is replacing the old Agora membership forums. We hope that it will be more informal and easier to access than a forum.

We know not everyone is on Facebook. So in the future, we'll think about other ways of getting some interaction going for non-Facebook users. And if you have any ideas, let us know!

Memberships no more!

After some considerable thought, we've decided to end paid memberships. We tried this model for a year in various formats, to see if we could help fund the running of the site. But we were never very happy with having some content only accessible to those who can pay.

Ending paid memberships means our Agora forum is going to be retired, and replaced by the Facebook group. Also, for the time being, we're going to pause the Sunday Salons. We hope to reintroduce some virtual events in the future, but we're still thinking about how to do this in a way that is sustainable.

But wait... how is this sustainable?

We're glad you asked! We've decided to replace memberships with a voluntary supporter model. Looking for Wisdom costs a fair amount to run and host, and takes hundreds of hours of work to keep running. But it was never designed to be a commercial venture. So the idea of a voluntary supporter model sits well with our ethos.

This means that if you want to support us, there are three tiers. As a Little Owl, you can donate $2 a month, as a Spectacled Owl, you can donate $5 a month, and finally, as an Eagle Owl, you can help us soar by donating $8 a month.

We want to stress this is entirely optional! It's a donation to help support our work, rather than a requirement. And if you do donate, your reward is simply the warm glow of knowing you're helping Looking for Wisdom thrive, and the knowledge that despite all external appearances, on the inside you are part-owl.

If you have a membership subscription already, we'll move you onto a free plan and cancel the subscription. Then you can choose to resubscribe if you want to go on supporting us!

That's all from us this time round! We're excited by all the changes here, and we hope you are too.

With best wishes,

Hannah and Will, Looking for Wisdom.

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