Spring Newsletter: Subscriber Newsletter #17

Will Buckingham
Will Buckingham
Spring Newsletter: Subscriber Newsletter #17
Image: Spring by Penrhyn Stanlaws (1907). Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.

What's new at Looking for Wisdom? Updates for March 2022.

Hello again, Philosophers,

Welcome to the spring edition of the Looking for Wisdom newsletter! And a particularly warm welcome to new subscribers. It's wonderful to have you on board!

Finding our feet in Dundee!

We've been up here in Scotland for just over a month now, and the dust is starting to settle on our move. There are still a few boxes of philosophy books that we need to transport up here, but first we have to build some robust shelves. After all, as everybody knows, philosophy books are particularly heavy.

But it's good to be starting to explore the area a bit more. And the initial omens are promising. Remember Pyrrho the sceptic and the Epicureans on the cultivation of ataraxia, or “freedom from disturbance”? Well, if you are seeking ataraxia, here in Dundee we've got you covered, as this photo taken on the Lochee high street attests.

What's been happening on Looking for Wisdom?

Over the past few weeks, we have been exploring Chinese ideas about charisma and about change. And we have been in ancient Greece, hanging out in the company of renegades and turncoats, and talking about the ticklish art of changing your mind.

Looking into the future, we have some fascinating philosophers coming up, from all across the world. Expect everything from atomism in ancient India, to tales of the unexpected from ancient China. So keep your eye on your inbox every Thursday. Philosopher Files go out at 10am UK time!

Get chatty about philosophy!

Remember that there's a Facebook Group for subscribers to Looking for Wisdom, where you can chat with your fellow philosophers. It's free to join. So head over there to say hello by clicking the button below.

We want to make the Facebook group friendly, relaxed and welcoming. Philosophy is more fun when done alongside others, whatever Descartes may have thought, sitting alone in his study. So come join us (if you are reading this on the website, then you'll need to be a subscriber first to join)!

More Myanmar projects

Looking for Wisdom's Dr Will Buckingham has been continuing to work on various philosophy projects at higher education institutions in Myanmar. These are difficult times in Myanmar since last year's disastrous military coup. But there are some truly astonishing organisations working hard to provide quality education, even in the most difficult circumstances.

Will is currently co-teaching a first-of-its-kind philosophy course for the Chinbridge Institute's one-year diploma in Chin State (a big hello to Chinbridge students who've signed up to Looking for Wisdom). He's also working on a new course for Parami University on the Arts of Argument, a big-picture, cross-cultural take on human attempts at reason and persuasion.

Books! Books! Books!

Will continues to be busy with his book, Hello, Stranger: How We Find Connection in a Disconnected World (Granta 2021). He has a few festival appearances coming up (more information soon), and we've just had a sneak preview of the cover of the Korean edition. We'll post more in due course. You can pick up a copy in most good bookshops, at least in the UK. And for international orders, Book Depository is reliable.

Support Looking for Wisdom

Finally, if you want to support Looking for Wisdom, then you can make a small monthly donation. Looking for Wisdom is 100% free to access, and that's how we like it. But donations help pay for hosting and running costs, allow us keep the site growing, and give us the space to branch out into new things. Find out more about how to support us by clicking below.

That's all for this round-up!

Sending all best wishes,

Dr Hannah Stevens & Dr Will Buckingham || Looking for Wisdom

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