Subscriber Newsletter #18: The April Showers Edition

Will Buckingham
Will Buckingham
Subscriber Newsletter #18: The April Showers Edition
April showers. Lithograph 1855. Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.

There are April showers here in Dundee. So we're staying home and reading philosophy.

Hello, philosophers! Here in Dundee, we've been dodging the rain, hanging out reading philosophy books, and dashing out to replenish supplies when there's a gap in the clouds. And glancing at our calendars, we see it is time for another subscriber newsletter. So let's dive on in! This month, we have a round-up of the previous few weeks, a quick look behind the scenes of the Looking for Wisdom HQ, and more on some of our other projects.


First, a big welcome to all new subscribers. We're now well over the 500 mark for regular subscribers. Not only this, but we're clocking up several hundred visits a day from Google. So it's nice to see that people are finding Looking for Wisdom as fun and interesting as we are.

If you've just signed up, you should think about heading over to our Facebook group, where you can chat with your fellow philosophers. The link is below.

The Facebook group is 100% free to access for subscribers. It's designed to be a friendly, welcoming place for easy-going chat about philosophy. So get stuck in!

What's New?

March was a busy month on Looking for Wisdom. We tackled such fun topics as the unexpectedness of history (Dong Zhongshu in China), the idea of a soul without qualities (Kaṇāda in India), and how to play the piano better (Ptolemaïs in Greece) with the help of philosophy.

Meanwhile, by popular demand, we've picked up our long-neglected series on 7 Ways of Reading Philosophy with a piece on the virtues of reading out loud. This kept us out of mischief as we plodded our way through several weeks of Covid-19 infections here in the Looking for Wisdom HQ.

We've also been doing some work behind the scenes, making hyperlinks prettier, simplifying things, and making the site run more smoothly. There's a bit more to be done, but we're delighted with how things are looking.

A Look Behind the Scenes

Looking for Wisdom is run by Dr Hannah Stevens and Dr Will Buckingham as a project of their social enterprise, Wind&Bones, which is dedicated to exploring the ways creative writing and creative thinking can transform our shared world.

Will has a background in philosophy, and Hannah's PhD is in creative writing. So Will does most of the writing and drafting for the site, and spends his days buried in obscure texts, occasionally exclaiming, “Wow… listen to this!” Meanwhile, Hannah is responsible for making sure the prose is beautiful and accessible, as well as for overseeing the direction of the project and taking charge of social media.

We're based in Dundee, Scotland, although we're often found doing fun and interesting projects elsewhere in the world.

Looking for Wisdom also feeds into some of our other projects including several philosophy projects in post-coup Myanmar, working with grassroots education providers. We're excited to see where things go next!

Support Us!

If you like Looking for Wisdom, think about supporting what we do by becoming an owl, whether of the little, spectacled or eagle variety. A small monthly donation helps pay our hosting bills, and keeps the philosophy coming!

Owl on Tree Stump. Print by George Edwards from the Wellcome Collection. Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.

And we also want to thank our illustrious community (technically, you are a parliament) of owls, who are already helping us out! We're incredibly grateful for your support.

That's all for this month's round-up! All best wishes from the Looking for Wisdom HQ, and we'll see you next Thursday for another philosopher file!

All the best,

Hannah & Will

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