Finding Our Sea-Legs


Finding Our Sea-Legs

Will Buckingham’s book Finding Our Sea-Legs: Ethics, Experience and the Ocean of Stories was first published by Kingston University Press in 2009. It’s a book about the power of storytelling, about how when it comes to ethics, often stories are the best chance we have of navigating the difficult seas that we face. It is less about finding a safe harbour, or alighting on ethical certainties, and more about managing to stay afloat, in the buffeting wind and tides.

In the decade since it was published, Sea-Legs has had a niche, but consistent, following. So when the book went out of print, and we started getting emails from people asking where they could track down a copy, we decided to release a new, updated edition of our own.

The new version is lightly revised, with a new preface and afterword, and a gorgeous new cover.

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Finding Our Sea-Legs: Cover