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Welcome to Looking for Wisdom. Here's everything you need to know to get you up and running. Find out about our free Philosopher Files, our philosophy courses, how to become a member, how to manage your account, and more.
Welcome on Board!
Image: 'Arai: View of the Mile-and-a-Half Sea Ferry' by Hiroshige. Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.


Hello, and welcome on board. It's great to have you joining us. I'm Dr. Will Buckingham. For the last two decades, I have taught philosophy in universities and community settings around the world.

Photo © Will Buckingham 2020.

Weekly Philosopher Files

As a free subscriber, you will receive weekly doses of philosophy by email. On Thursdays, I publish a new Philosopher File, bringing the world's philosophy straight to your inbox. I also send out monthly subscriber newsletters to free subscribers, with news and ideas and things worth linking to.

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The cost for a month's subscription is $15, and for a year $150. To upgrade your subscription go to the community page.

Looking for Wisdom: Community
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And if you have any questions, a good place to start is the FAQs page.

Managing your account

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If you have any problems, get in touch on contact@lookingforwisdom.com

Any other questions?

If so, either get in touch, or have a read through the FAQs.

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